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We are delighted that you popped by our trip report website and we hope you'll enjoy your visit. The following trip reports have currently been published:

We spent four month in the first half of the year 2017 in the land of the long white cloud: New Zealand or Aotearoa as it is called in Maori language. It's currently a live trip report and new destinations will be added continuously while we're traveling. German only.

We visited the arabic metropolis Abu Dhabi for three days at the beginning of our trip to New Zealand in 2017. The city fascinates with its modern architecture and the gigantic Sheikh Zayed Mosque that is especially during blue hour a dream. German only.

We really appreciated the mild climate on Tenerife while it was cold and foggy at home and so we spent spontaneously a week on Gran Canaria in January 2017. The often underrated island captivates with its great mountainscapes and lava coasts. Germany only.

It was clear as crystal for us that we would spend the foggy autumn weeks in the Canaries after our trip to Tenerife in spring. So we enjoyed four more weeks at the southeast coast of Tenerife and explored the beautiful island La Gomera for another two weeks. German only.

We spent the last part of our 3-month trip in spring 2016 of the wonderful island of Flores. This part of Flores is pretty unspoilt and travelling here is pure fun. The higlights on this trip truly were the landscape around Komodo and the Komdodo dragons. German only.

We spent the majority of our 3-months trip in spring 2016 on the Australian island Tasmania. This part of the trip report is concentrated on the western part of the island with its wild coast at the Southern Ocean and the forests of the Tarkine. German only.

Some parts of our 3-months trip in spring 2016 lead us to the Australian cities Melbourne and Sydney as well as to Kiama, Fitzroy Falls and the Blue Mountains. We explored the cities, survived a mega storm and enjoyed beautiful landscapes. German only.

We started and ended our 3-months trip in spring 2016 in the asian super metropolis Singapore. The clean city has changed quite a bit from an architecture point of view since our last visit - what remained is the strong heat and humidity. German only.

We visited Tenerife, the island of everlasting spring, for two weeks in March 2016. We were highly impressed by the rugged volcanic landscape of the Teide national park highly and enjoyed the starry night sky as well as the lava beaches. German only.

Our first trip in our work-free life took us from 6th to 19th January to the mega city Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We spent 13 fascinating days full of superlatives in a super modern city that were accompanied by Arabian desert impressions. German only.

In early summer of 2015, we spent three and a half wonderful weeks in the glorious mountains of Drakensberg (KwaZulu-Natal). We admired the marvellous Oribi Gorge, visited the Drakensberg national parks, enjoyed wildlife in Zululand and relaxed at the Indian Ocean.

During winter of 2015, we spent twenty days with lots of magic arctic light in the high north of Norway. We experienced the magical northern lights, the beautiful polar night and enjoyed watching orcas and humpback whales hunting in the ocean.

We visited the island Senja and the Lyngen Alps (Trøms) in Norway in autumn 2014. We experienced storms and lots of rain but also some glorious light mood and a marvellous night with strong northern lights which was the definite highlight of this trip.

KwaZulu-Natal was our first South Africa destination in 2014. We explored 2 1/2 weeks the mighty Drakensberg, admired the Oribi gorge, enjoyed magic wildlife moments in Zululand and relaxed at the Indian Ocean.

We visited the rugged island of Senja in northern Norway the first time in February 2014. We experienced beautiful light moods, magnificent sunset colours, the marvellous northern lights an many glorious winter landscapes.

We spent a great autumn holiday in the high north of Norway in 2013. During those wonderful days we experienced beautiful autumn weather, the marvellous northern lights as well as lots of rain and stormy days. We had it all!

We travelled to the fascinating archipelago of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We visited the islands São Jorge, São Miguel and Pico. Each island has its own charm and landscape highlights that we discovered on walks.

We used Easter 2013 for a short break to Andalusia. We spent six days in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and explored the glorious history of Granada. A visit to the fascinating Alhambra is highly recommended and a highlight of Andalusia.

We spent our winter holiday 2013 in northern Norway. The weather was rather unsettled and ranged from winter to spring! We experienced rain and heavy snow storms, marvelled at the northern lights and enjoyed the winterly landscape after fresh snowfall.

We travelled to the wild Basque Country in northern Spain in autumn 2012 and explored the forests of Gorbeia and the northern coastline. We enjoyed spanish food, beautiful enchanted trees and waterfalls as well as the awesome structures of Flysch.

Caught by the Namibia virus once again after our trip in 2011, we visited Namibia again in 2012 and explored itensively the deep South. We enjoyed wonderful desert landscapes, quiver trees, red dunes, the mighty Fish River Canyon and marvelled at the stars.

We spent nine days in spring 2012 at the island of flowers Madeira and discovered the enchanted and beautiful laurel forests as well as numerous waterfalls, walked along the levadas and enjoyed breathtaking views across the rugged and rocky coast.

We visited Norway the first time in February 2012 to view the northern lights. We spent five days around Tromsø and were extremely lucky with the sighting of the mighty Aurora Borealis. Winter landscapes, icy fjords and a herd of reindeer made the experience unforgettable.

We visited the south of Namibia for two weeks in 2011 and it was perfect timing: lots of rain had turned the desert green! A true dream of red dunes, green vegetation in the Namib desert, water in the Sossusvlei and perfect reflections in the Erongo mountain range.

The Africa virus caught us again in 2009 after our trip to the national parks in Tanzania in 2008 and we visited East Africa again. We enjoyed the wildlife and many experiences in the national parks of Tsavo East and West, Shimba Hills and Lake Naivasha.

We first visited East Africa in 2008 and spent two wonderful safari weeks in Tanzania and one week along the beaches of Zanzibar. The wildlife of the Serengeti and in the national parks Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Tarangire will always remain unforgettable.

After our short visit at the Falkland Islands during our Antarctica cruise 2007, we made our dream come true to have a more intensive look at the penguins just one year later. We spent three great weeks on Sea Lion, Bleaker, Saunders and Carcass Island with penguins, sea birds and elephant seals.

In 2007 we made one of our heart's desires come true and travelled for three weeks on board of M/V Orlova to the Falkand Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. In one of the roughest areas of the planet, we enjoyed storms, high waves, lots of seabirds, the cute penguins and a very unique landscape.

We spent Christmas 2006 and New Year's Eve on Easter Island. These two weeks belong to the most mystical trip we've ever done! We explored the fascinating Moai on their platforms, the Moai factory Rano Raraku, spent some time on pristine beaches and enjoyed wildlife. German only.

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